Consumer Electronics Usage Report – Study by Accenture


One thing’s pretty evident; today’s consumer is almost completely mobile in terms of technology and its peripherals.  Thanks to the virtual and seamless network, smart phones and tablets sales are growing by leaps and bounds and with it comes the exponential growth in usage of content, apps and related services!  Studies show that about 80% of the activities done on these gadgets are network driven.

A survey which captured the responses of users from 10 different countries (including BRIC) revealed some astonishing trends. We take a look at some of these:

  • Thanks to the possibility of being always connected through smartphones and tabs, by downloading apps, using the services and so on, there is a drop in TV sales or at least intentions for the purchase. If only, consumers had more than 24 hrs!
  • The reliance on Cloud Services is increasing with the need to remain connected to a network.
  • The huge diversity in the apps market has also affected the behaviour towards these gadgets.  The more the apps within reach, the more would be the consumers’ dependence on these gadgets.
  • Thanks to globalisation, emerging markets have made strong in-roads and have now the fastest growth, bettering the developed markets.
  • Thanks to better and safer online payment technology, consumers are now finding it a lot easier to buy something online rather than venture out.

The survey throws up some interesting stats as well. Computers, DVD players, TVs and the regular mobile phones have witnessed a fewer purchases in the current year than in the preceding year. Thanks to the robust sales of Smartphones and Tablets. As far as intention to purchase is concerned, the story remains the same. Interestingly, those aged between 18-24 own more gadgets than those who are aged above 35. Wouldn’t it be nice that most of these gadgets get integrated so that we have one device for everything? Judging by the pace technology’s advancing; this wish wouldn’t actually be a distant dream! So how many gadgets or devices do you own!

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