Consumers prefer brands that develop quality of life

Kiev, Ukraine - February 21, 2012 - A logotype collection of well-known world brand's printed on paper. Include Google, Mc'Donald's, Nike, Coca-Cola, Facebook, Apple, Yahoo, Nikon, YouTube, Adidas,, Unilever, Twitter, Mastercard, Samsung, Canon and Starbuck's logos.

Today, many consumers are looking at the branded products as the service providers of collective and personal well being instead of mere functional goods. This was revealed by a survey, ‘Meaningful Brands’ that was conducted by Havas Media Group.

As per the survey, almost 75 percent of the consumers who were polled believe that the brands should play a vital role in the improvement of the quality of life of the consumers and their well being. Also, the global average of the same is 67 percent and the same across Asia Pacific region is 69 percent.

Around 67 percent of the Indians feel that the brands are striving hard to improve the quality of life and the well being. This is high in comparison to the same that is 55 percent in the Asia Pacific region on an average and 38 percent across the globe.

Going by the survery, the three leading brands in India are Amul, Cadbury and Google. These brands are followed by LIC, Britannia, Intel, Microsoft, HP, Samsung and Parle. The survey notes that the Indians possess the highest attachment towards LIC. It is said so as 86 percent of those who surveyed will care a lot about the state owned insurance if it vanished the next day. Notably, this is the second time at a stretch that LIC is scored with the highest attachment.

Internationally, most of the people do not bother if 74 percent of the brands vanish the next day, it added. The Indians are delighted to have the brands as partners and enablers that help them enhance their quality of life and their well being. In the West, there is a great level of commoditization of the brands. This was stated by Mohit Joshi, the Managing Director of Havas Media Group India. The five leading global brands are Google, Samsung, Nestle, Bimbo and Sony.


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