Content Marketing key for brands to pull themselves up in COVID-19 World- Case Study


COVID-19 has caused many brands to evolve as a large number of their customers are facing financial crisis because of the present situation & brands need to adopt new tactics.

Many brands are increasing their investments in content marketing to maintain and build relationships with consumers. Here are some brands which are using content marketing to support them during these times.


Global Athletes and shoe brand have temporarily shut down their store in major markets, including US, Canada, Australia and Europe. But by using Content marketing they have been increasing their engagement with consumers.

Nike had introduced a Nike Training Club app last month with subscription. The app offers live workout sessions, training programs, diet plans and expert opinion and tips. Nike also developed a marketing campaign known as “play for the world” which features athletes and shows how they keep in top form while staying at home.


DoubleTree, Hilton owned US hotel chain who are famous for their chocolate chip cookie which was their corporate secret recently published their recipe so as to be in limelight and it worked. The video had more than 250000 views up till now and increasing. People are posting photos in social media with the cookies they made with DoubleTree chocolate chip cookie recipe.


NuFace is an American beauty brand which made facial toning device have adapted to the pandemic environment. They have replaced in-person house calls using zoom and facetime to educate spa partners and beauticians about NuFace products and its working.

NuFace have also increased its content posted on Instagram stories by 30% and shares and likes have increased by 20%.

Unity Technologies

Unity technologies which is a popular gaming engine developer has made three months of premium content using their Unity Learn platform which the company created for their game developers. Unity learn is the company’s platform which helps developers learn and develop programs and building games. It helps developer to access the company’s technology for building their projects.

These case studies shows that innovative ideas when collaborated with business will help the brands to stay in the spotlight no matter the nature of the business. These brands have made themselves useful for them as well as their consumers & if this strategy would become necessary in the long run as well remains to be seen.


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