Content marketing outsourcing all set to grow in 2012


In midst of the financial meltdown, one sector in which jobs is predicted to grow is nothing but the outsourcing or BPO jobs. The recent evolution of outsourcing the online or digital content writing is what is hotting up in 2012.

The individuals and corporate are looking for these experts in different fields. The digital content writing outsourcing is also seen as an example for this practice, where expert writers are invited to produce quality content to keep the readers delighted and informed. Marketers outsource online content writing with the intention that it would fetch them regular readers who would visit their sites quite often. The content marketing service provider at the client level provides platforms where quality content materials are distributed online.

A recent survey was conducted by the Brandpoint and Content Marketing Institute, on 389 marketers to study the growing trend in the field of content writing outsourcing. The survey reports that nearly 10 percent of the marketers would be outsourcing at least a small portion of their content marketing in the months to come, while 32 percent are planning on outsourcing video content and 22 percent are interested in outsourcing images and info graphics. The study reveals that Blogging and other social content would be outsourced by 17 percent of the informants.

Some interesting facts from the survey:

1. The marketers state that the best materials for promotion are mainly blogging, e-newsletter, etc

2. Almost every marketer has outsourced at least one content writing project.

3. The service content provider is graded on the basis of the writing level expertise, customised content, and performance track record.

4. Most marketers emphasize on the premium content written for audience rather than for just search engines.

5. The marketers focus on customized content writing and they are not willing to pay more to the outsourcing partners for creating value addition.

The Brandpoint survey reveals the importance and gives insights about the recent trend of focusing on content writing, leading to its rise in outsourcing. Thus reminding us that in this era of intense competition the ‘pen is definitely mightier than the sword’.


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