Conversion rate and the ways to improve it


Conversion rate denotes the rate of potential customers who are going to buy the products after visiting the website. The percentage of visitors who make a purchase is termed as conversion rate. Website usually concentrates only on increasing the number of visitors rather than the conversion rates. There may be simple flaws in the website which when removed may result in higher conversion rates.

The tips to improve the conversion rates of a website are to make it user friendly in the first place. Accessibility of the website plays a major role in determining the conversion rates. A well designed website will make every visitor make a purchase. Honesty factor becomes crucial in marketing, and a marketing website must be honest in declaring its details and facts. For example, if an item is out of stock, it should be rightly featured in the website. A good website should not make customers waste their time and time is consumed when the website asks for too many details. The returns policy should be clearly defined and the website should also earn the trust of customers to increase the conversion rate. The website should be informative and also offer the convenience of various payment options to its customers. Amongst all the factors the website should have a unique selling point and that is something which sets apart the website from its competitors. To know more about conversion rate and the ways to improve it, click here.









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