Covid-19 impact on Content Creation in the entertainment industry


Covid-19 pandemic has created a havoc in our society and is still existing as a threat to the lives of people. The future is unpredictable and is becoming uncertain in front of this epidemic. The behaviour pattern of the people will change after during this pandemic as novel coronavirus is a new experience to the mankind.

Already our world is changing with the advancements in technology day-by-day. The resources, lifestyle and experiences in 2020 was extremely different from 2010. Covid-19 also happen changes in every corner of the society and can influence the behaviour of people to their surroundings and to the world.

Without entertainment it is difficult to survive in this world as it is the time when people enjoy with their families and friends. Entertainment industry is also a good revenue generator in our economy. It was expected that by 2023, global entertainment and media market will reach 2.6 trillion US dollars. Covid-19 has hit the industry hard and the losses are in billions. The pandemic will change the entertainment industry; the way in which the content is created and the way in which the content is consumed.

The outdoor activities by humans will have restrictions for some time and therefore people keep social distancing and utilise their time with their peers. The content creators have to imbibe the ‘Spirit of our age’ in their content. The contents have to relate and resonate in the minds of audience.

‘Work from home’ is now becoming a trend and therefore people spend most of their time in the home with their family so the new audiences demand good content. They have to feel good in this environment of deep desperation and it is the duty of the creators to make good contents and capture the minds of their audience. During the pandemic, most rated shows were comedy and in India Doordarshan aired old mythological stories – Ramayanam and Mahabharata. These mythological stories became the top viewed channels in the World during the pandemic overthrowing Game of Thrones. The ratings of these channels indicate that the viewers are going back to their comfort zone. Great epics are now becoming the entertainment source for the masses.

Audiences are now demanding good contents and new source of entertainments, as the number of people watching films in Television are decreasing because of the popularity of OTT platforms and short films. Content creators have to bring the ‘Spirit of the age’ or ‘Spirit of the times’ that will resonate in the minds of the audience during this pandemic.


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