Data Driven Online Gambling Industry


The online gambling industry is growing rapidly and is expected to reach a record $87 billion by 2024. While the availability of new technologies has always contributed to the growth of the online gambling industry, the biggest impact today is the availability of data. Some of the ways in which data analytics is being used and how it is changing the online gambling industry may surprise you.

 How do online casinos collect customer data?

Online casinos collect customer data in the same way as other businesses, by monitoring activity on the ground. An online casino tracks customers from the moment they arrive at the site. The company even pays attention to how the customer arrived, whether they did an organic search or followed a link. From the first moment, the user’s activity is tracked: how they move around the site, the games they stay in the longest, how they interact with other players and how much money they spend.

Online casinos not only track the behaviour of their customers on the site, they also try to find out who these players really are. The online casino tries to gather as much information as possible about the demographics of its customers and their behaviour on the site.

 The impact of data analytics on the online gambling industry

Unprecedented access to customer data is having a truly revolutionary impact on the entire online casino industry. Here are some of the ways in which data access and analytics are transforming the online gambling industry.

 Improving the gaming experience

Access to data analytics allows online casinos to make their games even more enjoyable, motivating players to continue interacting with the game for as long as possible. Wild symbols in online casinos are just one example of how slot games can be made more exciting, as the wild symbol gives the user more control and increases the stakes of the game. Data analysis proves to online casinos that even minute changes, such as adding wild symbols to a slot game, can make a very big difference.

 Improved digital marketing

Access to customer demographic data allows online casinos to improve their marketing campaigns effectiveness. The way a user interacts and engages with a website says a lot about the habits and preferences of the target audience. This means that online casinos are better able to tailor their marketing efforts, both on and off the site, to serve their most valuable target market.

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