Decoding Airtel’s “jo mera hai woh tera” campaign’s success mantra


Joshua (my nephew), aged four, energetic and notorious is often seen dancing to the tunes of an advertisement. Similar is the case with my friends and neighbors. Gosh! the song has turned out to be on everyone’s lips. It just won’t stop. Oops!! I totally forgot. Wondering which song I am talking about? Bingo, that’s right. The song that is yours, just like mine and so is everyone’s “Jo Tera Hai Woh Mera ”, the song, that jingle which is on everybody’s lips irrespective of their age!!

In the world of telecom, Airtel has made a big step in getting customers closer to them than any other network. They have literally created history. Idea with its creative note “What an idea Sirji!” and Docomo with its tune that sounds like birds chirping around, did quite well in the market then. But unfortunately, these companies’ (including Vodafone) was not able to capture the crowd as much as Airtel did in its new advertising campaign of bonding friends.

In marketing, there are a lot of concepts like branding, positioning, targeting, segmentation and many more. Airtel have made well use of these marketing concepts. They have positioned themselves perfectly well in the minds and hearts of the customers. Right now, just like any other commercial based on romance, love etc, the song gives emphasis about the fact that friendship and friends are something to cherish about. It’s all about joy of sharing.

Airtel have been very specific in their achievements. The main objective of a sim card would be to get people to talk more and so on. On the contrary, Airtel utilized this opportunity by showcasing man’s next partner-Friends, an ultimate reason to just keep talking. Their pranks, horrified and embarrassing moments could be captured through 2G, 3G and 4G mobile categories, DSL Broadband, fixed line etc and uploaded accordingly. Wondering why? It is just an indirect way of making your enemies your friends in an ideal way. Now how cute is that? Besides, who wants to make enemies?? (provided, you have any personal grudge towards them).

Last year, Airtel had launched another campaign, do you remember that by any chance? Yup! It is “Har friend zaroori hota hai”. It was truly loved by everybody but then it sounded of more like a slogan that one could use. They have definitely gone one step ahead with this campaign and enhanced their brand name with the present song that makes your feet go tap, tap, tap.

Commercials must be made in such a way that their brand name comes right away in the minds of people when they hear a particular tune/jingle/song. Hero Honda Motor Corp. is another company that has actually marked history with its blockbuster theme song done by Oscar winner, A.R Rahman.

Bad news guys (movie makers)! It’s not Chikini Chameli(Agneepath), Mashalla(Ek Tha Tiger), Halkat Jawani (Heroine) the ones that have taken the nation by storm, its ads like “Jo tera hai woh mera hai” which have done that. It is quite funny to think how the other rivals will come up with new strategies in positioning their brands. Will they come up with more creative songs or will they come with a dance number to ripple the minds of the crowd? Waiting is worth a shot! But for this time we give it to “Jo tera hai woh mera hai, jo mera hai woh tera”.


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