Decoding the ad of “New Figo”


Change is the most relevant factor in every walk, turns and twists of life. It is always difficult for people to accept changes, as shifting from one aspect to another is not that easy. Now everyone would be wondering what we are talking about?

Well, the answer is as simple as a smooth drive….Ford Figo. Figo has been the largest selling car by Ford India group. And this has become possible only because of the hard work that has been put behind that. Very recently the Global Team Ford has come up with a new ad campaign. The new advertisement on TVC was meant mainly to communicate something new and unique, launch of the new Figo.

Let’s see the advertisement of new Figo

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The advertisement is very aesthetically shot and we can see that there is a tinge of new liberated women in the ad. The ad focuses on a young couple and how they have a small argument in the car.

Anurag Mehrotra, Vice President, Marketing, Ford India said, “The campaign was thought of several months ago, when we started working on the creative for the Figo. We went back and looked at our ‘Go further’ brand promise. The manifest of that brand promise started from a simple statement from Henry Ford. Change normally is for the better. The male lead in the ad is very young and he has just got married. He has just got a promotion too. So there is a lot of change in his life already. There is that slice of life, and that is the change in Sandeep’s life. So we wanted to communicate to him, that change is a wonderful thing. We also wanted to communicate the change of the product. Through the film, we also wanted to reflect the change in the mindset of the consumer. 60 to 70 % of the consumers are first time buyers. So there is a change in his life, to his stature as well.”

According to Hari Krishnan, Head, WPP Global team Ford, “The phenomenon Figo proved to be a game changer for Ford after its launch by selling over 235,000 units in India and around the world.” Krishnan adds by saying, “In terms of campaign elements – we thought of breaking advertising stereotype and decided to get the lady behind the steering wheel, it’s a day in the life of real people doing real chores amplifying the brand’s ethos of ‘real life, real experience’. We believe that this story will bring a smile on people’s faces – and we have kept it real and believable.”

Along with this ad campaign Ford India is running a 360 – degree campaign focusing on institutional sales, geo-fencing and even an app for a virtual test drive. All these have helped in creating big expectations in the minds of the customers.

Let’s see if Ford will be able to satisfy these expectations to the fullest extent possible.




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