Digital media spending on the rise


Something new always emerges up in the present scenario. The environment keeps changing according to the things that come up.Who knew Mark Zuckemberg’s, Facebook would be the new marketing platform for sales and advertising.

Yes, you guessed it right! Digital campaign is the next big thing in  “The M- Town”. If you have heard of online shopping  then digital campaign is no alien to you. The marketers these days are trying to increase and promote sales through social media , that is, promotion and advertising through Facebook and Twitter complimented by digital campaign.

“Digital is quite large in the US too, with a 18% share of revenues. It’s still relatively small in India with around 6.5% share today, but Pinstorm expects that number to cross the 10% mark in the next two years,” said Mahesh Murthy, founder and chief executive, Pinstorm, a pay-for-performance digital marketing company.Experts have reported that digital media is moreover indispensable to the marketer in the media planning. The cosmetic brands of L’Oreal and Maybelline have their digital media campaign succeeding and rising in triple digits while other advertisements through the TV, radio and the print media are merely 30-50%. In India, the marketers through digital and social media are solely targeting their products and brands to the young consumers who constitute 120 million of the population and moreover who are “Netizens”.

However, marketers are at times sceptical if these campaigns could actually generate sales. The answer lies in the competency of the marketer and the effectiveness of the media plan. In today’s times, digital medium seems to be promising for marketers since they help in directly connecting with the consumers which is actually the ultimate objective of the any enterprise.

In a nutshell, Digital campaign and ads has definitely paved a new path for marketers to tred and follow. However, how far these ads and campaigns succeed is worth a wait in the coming months.



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