‘DNEG Hosts Inaugural ‘DNEG Connect’ Event in Bengaluru, Showcasing Innovative Technology and Creative Expertise’

Paul Franklin
'DNEG Hosts Inaugural ‘DNEG Connect’ Event in Bengaluru, Showcasing Innovative Technology and Creative Expertise'

Merzin Tavaria, DNEG’s President of Global Production and Operations, delivered a captivating keynote speech during the event. He shared his personal journey and highlighted the studio’s remarkable achievements in creating visual effects and animation for feature films, television, and multiplatform content. Mr Tavaria also expressed his pride in the team’s dedication and hard work and how their pursuit of excellence has made DNEG a leader in the industry. He emphasised the studio’s passion for pushing the boundaries of creativity and technology to deliver unparalleled visual experiences for audiences worldwide and their commitment to investing in the latest technologies and talent to drive innovation and transform the VFX process.

DNEG Connect celebrated the magic of technology and creativity, with some of the industry’s most distinguished speakers sharing their insights and expertise. Paul Franklin, DNEG VFX Supervisor and multiple Academy Award®-winner, showcased the studio’s revolutionary approach to visual storytelling. His session delved deep into the team’s experience and creative process, showcasing their commitment to excellence and innovation. Paul Salvini, Global Chief Technology Officer, DNEG shared his views on technological advancements in the world of VFX, followed by Martine Bertrand, DNEG Senior AI Researcher, who spoke on revolutionising visual effects production and how virtual production, real-time technologies, and artificial intelligence are changing the game in VFX production. Muralidhar Sridhar, Senior Vice President of Prime Focus Technologies, spoke about ‘Transforming the M&E Industry with AI and ML.’

The event also featured Jigesh Gajjar, Head of VFX, DNEG India, who shared fascinating behind-the-scenes stories about the visual effects work on the Oscar-winning film Dune. He explored the intricacies involved in creating the impressive creatures that played a crucial role in the film, showcasing the breadth of DNEG’s award-winning work. Vivek Reddy, Co-Founder of Viga Entertainment, then shared insights regarding the engineering behind Hollywood VFX on behalf of the Bengaluru SIGGRAPH Chapter.

DNEG’s pursuit of pushing the boundaries of creativity and technology continues to raise the bar for excellence in visual effects, and the event was a testament to the company’s passion and dedication.

Merzin Tavaria, President of Global Production and Operations, DNEG, said, “Technology has played a pivotal role in my journey of 28 yrs in the VFX industry. We have always pushed our teams to leverage the best that technology offers while pioneering innovation in our industry. With DNEG Connect, we extended a glimpse into our world to the Tech industry, showing that creativity and technology working hand-in-hand takes the work that we do to unforeseen levels.” 

DNEG Connect was just the beginning, as DNEG continues to lead the way in the visual effects industry with groundbreaking innovations and a commitment to excellence. The event was a reminder that when technology meets creativity, the possibilities are endless.


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