Don’t make the mistake of excluding MARKETING from your social media campaign.


Social media has become a part of one’s life today. They have turned to be one of the most important platforms for marketers to establish a connection with their consumers and to know their preferences and tastes. Surely, it works well for marketers. But if you don’t integrate marketing in your social media, rest be assured that, none of the social media will provide the required ROI (Return on Investment).

So don’t make the big mistake of excluding marketing from your social media activities. Scroll your eyes down to find out what is all about integrating marketing into social media.

  1. Branding of the product:

Branding is an important aspect of any marketing activity. This is something that should be figured out predominantly in your social media campaign. Creating a brand in social media is not confined to just creating an image and logo. There is much more than to it.

For branding, you should create a logo and symbol that will speak loud about the benefits and values of your products.

The image you use should tell the prospective customers what business you are into and try to connect with the consumers. Integrate your image into your website, facebook page, twitter page and blogs if any.

  1. User-friendly applications:

Always try to keep clutter down in your websites and social media pages and as far as possible maintain your site to be user-friendly. This is one of the most sought out measure to initiate conversations between consumers on your products.

You can make the sites user friendly by including some interesting graphics and interactive elements that will keep the consumers engaged in the site.  In Facebook page and Twitter allow the consumers to post and comment on your timelines which will create an interest among the consumers to visit the pages periodically.

  1. Make sales:

This is what social media campaigning is all about. Ask the customers for a sale each time when they make a visit to your website or social media pages. You can use email subscriptions as a method to find the prospects. The email subscription form will give you enough details as who will cash in for your products.


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