Doordarshan is the most viewed Hindi Channel


Doordarshan, the public broadcaster has claimed on Saturday that it is the most watched Hindi channel. Well, it has emerged as the Hindi channel that is most watched in terms of the time that is spent per viewer. This way, it tops the General Entertainment Channels.

This has been revealed as BARC (Broadcast Audience Research Council) released the highly anticipated All India Viewership data. This data has showed a monumental development that includes the rural regions in the country for the very first time, stated an official statement that was released by Doordarshan.

The flagship channel of Doordarshan, DD National has registered an average time spent of 51 minutes per viewer. This is highest among the Hindi General Entertainment Channels in the week no 41 as per the ratings of BARC, claimed the statement.

This rating indicates that after the viewers tune to the channel, they prefer to watch it continuously for a long duration without switching the channels frequently. Whereas, this switching rate to the other channels is high while watching the other General Entertainment Channels.

As per the BARC data, the DD National’s gross viewership has increased from 479.9 lakhs in the week 40 to a whopping high gross viewership of 4040.5 lakh in the week 41. The reason for such a significant increase in the ratings was not revealed in the statement. But, this increase has helped the channel move to the seventh place in the Hindi Speaking Markets. This position is for the week 41, claims the data.

The overall number of TV households in India is 153.5 million. Of these, 77.5 million are the urban TV households that represent All India and other modes of signals, and the other 76 million contribute to the rural TV households. It is no surprise that the rural Indian TV viewers have contributed to the increase in Doordarshan’s viewership in week 41.





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