eBay India to start selling refurbished products


eBay India, the Indian subsidiary of the online marketplace based in the United Stated is an aggressive spree to strengthen its product portfolio in India in the competitive e-commerce market. In an attempt to achieve this, the e-commerce portal has partnered with the firms that sell refurbished goods.

A senior executive of eBay India stated that the company has partnered with eight companies such as Value Cart, Budli Int, Baobab, i2cworld and Green Dust. These companies will give the customers of eBay a choice of over 1,000 live listing of refurbished products such as mobiles, tablets and laptops.

Regarding this move, Latif Nathani, the Vice President and Managing Director of eBay India stated that providing the buyers unlimited varieties at several price points have been the core prepositions of the e-commerce marketplace for around 20 years. Though eBay Choices, the firm will provide the Indian customers with a similar proposition and a chance to buy the same product at varying price points as the products will be refurbished and used ones.

The refurbished products will be devices that are returned to the markers due to some fault. They are repaired and let on sale at reduced price tags. Also, such refurbished products are given a warranty of at least six months. The unboxed products are opened, but they are unused.

Next, eBay is planning to add other refurbished products such as refrigerators, televisions and other such white goods, claimed Nathani. In the refurbished and unboxed market, the mobile phone category inflated by 50 percent in the last year. It is also expected to witness a growth of about 30 percent on an annual basis till the year 2020, stated Alex Souter, the Co-Founder of Overcart, which is an online seller of refurbished products.

Lately, the e-commerce firms have started selling the refurbished products on their portals. Amazon partnered with Surpluss in order to sell the refurbished smartphones from Samsung and Xiaomi. Also, Shopclues sells unboxed smartphones from Asus, Lenovo, Samsung, OnePlus and Xiaomi.



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