Ebay India Sales Analysis 2011 – Top 5 Cities in Action!


One of the world’s most renowned C2C online market place extended its digital reach to India as well a few years ago.  Since then it has become an inspiration for many others to join the e-commerce bandwagon! Today, Ebay (in India) claims to sell 1 product every minute! Now which are those cities that are contributing to their sales figures the most? Ebay conducts an online census every year to figure out what’s happening in the market place. Here are some key insights of the fourth and latest edition of the census ( 2011):

  • Delhi continues to be the top centre for business activity for the third time in a row!
    • Top Brands – Nokia, Apple, Samsung, Casio and Reebok!
    • Interesting Fact – Delhites buy the maximum number body art items !
  • Mumbai sits high at second spot
    • Top Item Bought – Coins
    • Top Item Sold – Bath and Shower Products
    • Top Item imported – Blue Ray Movies
    • Interesting Fact – most number of handbags bought!
  • Bangalore, the IT capital is third in e-commerce activity for Ebay
    • Top Item Sold – Indian Miniature Sheets
    • Top Item Bought – Currency Notes
    • Top Item Exported – LP Records
    • Interesting Fact – contributes to maximum webcam imports
  • Interestingly, Jaipur comes in fourth place!
    • Top 3 Items Sold – Deodorants, Topaz Rings, Women’s Tops
    • Top 3 items bought – Chocolates, Diamond Rings!, Calling Cards
    • Interesting Fact – Most fashion socks buys are from the pink city!
  • And at number 5 is Chennai
    • Top Items Sold – Netbooks, Europe World Notes, Gold Coins
    • Top Items bought – Water Filters, Fashion Watches, Phone Scratch Guards
    • Top Item Imported – Gemstones
    • Interesting fact – Exports the maximum number of marble tiles

The next five locations are Hyderabad, Ahmedabad , Kolkata, Pune and Chandigarh. Well if any of you have anything to buy or sell then Ebay is the place you need to definitely check out. The above list gives an idea of the uniqueness of the nature of items traded, some of them we wouldn’t have even thought of. It’ll be quite interesting to see whether Delhi will continue to maintain its stand in this year’s edition. We’ll have to wait for that!


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