Educational Institution Brand Impacts Employability: Indian Employability Survey 2014


Oct 13, 2014: British Council has published the Indian Employability Report for 2014. The report states that students completing education from top branded institutions stand more chance for getting employed. The survey conducted with more than 200 professionals in HR from different firms showed trends in terms of employing the talent for next 3 to 5 years as well as on how students from foreign institutions are being absorbed by the Indian Industry.

According to the report, around 51% of the Indian firms hire resources only from top 20 educational institutions and about 41% of the firms have gone for recruiting talent from foreign institutions. The time taken to train and put someone to job is less in terms of a foreign graduate when compared to someone from Indian institution. The firms who have gone for international hiring are more from sectors like consumer goods, telecom, energy, services and infrastructure, where as firms in IT sector have not shown much inclination towards foreign graduates.

Even among the firms recruiting talents from abroad, around 60% of the firms have gone only for only hiring from top 50 of the global institutions, which shows clearly that brand does matter when it comes to hiring in Indian market. In terms of the skills Indian firms are looking for while hiring include domain knowledge, adaptability to different cultures, critical thinking, interpersonal skills, sincere hard working attitude and any kind of leadership experience and skills.

The report also points out that many firms have started internship program to bridge the gap between what is taught in academic institutions and what is required in a job environment. Students who have done a good internship program stand a good chance in getting employed.


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