Emerging trend: Niche Segmented Web Marketing Packages


One news captured our attention. A US web marketing solution provider iMatrix launched few custom packages for Urologists to help them in popularizing their services and practices in local markets. This seems to be quite innovative as there are thousands of such segments which are niche in nature and would need assistance from marketing point of view to expand their business. SME segment could benefit a lot from this initiative. iMatrix has been specializing in creating such packages for different medical segments – dentists, urologists etc.

The web marketing packages could start from offering a simple customized website to offering a fully integrated package including website, search engine optimization, social media promotion, online media promotion including PPC banners and content marketing including videos. Since these services are customized, the impact can be seen quickly. For example the package would help Urologists to list their services in popular local directories and would also promote their services through well known local online media and events.

The packages have a pay as you go price tag too to make their really attractive. Urologists can choose base package to start with and then go for subsequent higher packages as they expand their services. For example iMatrix has a started pack which include website and SEO, then a social services pack which includes professional website, SEO and SMO, then a Media pack which would introduce online media promotional services and content marketing and finally advanced packages which will help in measuring the impact too.

It seems a trend which is going to stay for years and would help small and medium enterprise to leverage the power of online and digital media to expand their business locally without incurring much marketing/promotional cost.

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