[Emerging Trends] Near Field Communication in Retailing


Near Field Communication (NFC) is a form of wireless communication between devices like smartphones and tablets.  NFC allows the user to send information between the devices without touching the devices or going through the crucial process of setting up the connection. NFC technology which is fast and convenient is popular in US, Europe and Asia.

Near Field Communication  technology gained popularity when it started changing  retail marketing in Japan. The retailers used NFC for the convenience of the customers to make payments and linked the application with their facdebook account. NFC is also used by marketers to provide more information about the products and services offered by them. It is similar to QR codes, where a URL is encoded behind the NFC tag so that users can use their smart phone like devices to access more information about the products, services, companies, offers etc. Near Field Communication also allows marketers to place the URL’s of  their twitter, facebook pages behind tag which help them to connect better with their consumers.

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