Facebook launches new operating system like app ‘Home’


April 5, 2013: Facebook today announced the launch of its new operating system like app Facebook Home which when installed will turn an android phone into a ‘Facebook Phone’. On the installation of this new app, the homescreen of the device and the way apps are accessed will change and it gives the users faster access to Facebook services.

The new Facebook Home allows the users to get updates from Facebook friends directly on the home screen and it even allows the users to update their status directly from home screen. The new app from Facebook is similar to Android launcher apps which are available in Google Play store. With this launch, Facebook in its pursuit of making Android phone a social device is trying to put the needs of the people first instead of apps.

Facebook users who want to install Facebook Home can install it free from April 12 but in the beginning it will be support only some Android phones, which means Facebook Home will not be supported by all the android phones. During the launch event at California, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg also announced the launch of a new phone HTC First which will come preloaded with Facebook Home. This phone is launched for US market and it is not certain if it would be launched in India.


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