Facebook reaches 125 million users in India


The most popular social networking firm Facebook has managed to add 13 million more users in six months. This way, the social network has a user base of 125 million in India making the country the second largest market for Facebook.

The U.S. based social network has 112 million users in India in December 2014. It also launched a 2G friendly Facebook application for mobiles called Facebook Lite facilitating the usage of the social network even on slow internet connectivity.

On a global scale, Facebook has a user base of 1.44 billion monthly active users as of March 31, 2015. The biggest market for the social networking firm is U.S.

Regarding this, Vijay Shankar, Head of Products (Facebook Lite) at Facebook claimed that in India, the firm managed to achieve 125 million monthly average users and the number of mobile users is 114 million. Almost 59 million users in the country access the social network on a daily basis and 53 million use the same from their mobile devices.

Earlier in June, the Facebook Lite app was launched. The executive claimed that this product has been designed for the markets such as India where there are slow internet speeds. This app features all the core functionality of the standard Facebook app including News Feeds, Photos, Messaging, Notifications and Links among others. However, it does not show the videos on News Feeds.

The Facebook Lite app lets the users of the social network to choose the quality of the images that they want to see on their News Feeds in order to optimize the data consumption. The Facebook Lite app will be rolled out in the other markets as well in the coming weeks, stated the executive. Interestingly, both Facebook and Facebook Lite applications will work on a device simultaneously.




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