Facebook ready for a new look


From just being a social network site that allows users to post messages, update status, and peep into others activities, the social media site, Facebook is now all set to become a personalized newspaper. This will allow users to enter newsfeeds and the revamping will also make the news feeds more visually appealing.

Mark Zukerberg is now promising his users a new look and promising more features in Facebook. The social media site will have an attractive first page that will capture shots of the current happenings. The interface of the revamped Facebook site was showcased in the California Head Quarters of Facebook. The overhauling of the site has enhanced the content capacities by 30 percent and visual capacities by 50 per cent.

Facebook is trying to keep in line with the emerging trends and the changes made to the site are in par with the changing usage patterns. The site through constant renovation is trying to make the world more widely connected. It also tries to provide its users a truly personalized newspaper. The new services will tell users the happenings with friends and the things that they care about. The company is setting its goal broader and higher and trying to meet the demands of its valuable users.

The interests of Facebook users have been waning off late, and the site has brought in new innovations to bring back the users interest. The social media site has been constantly renewed and new features added to make its pages interesting. The upcoming feature of Facebook is called rejig and it seems to have added niche compared to other social media sites such as Pinterest, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Quikr etc. The move is to bring in more news content and current stuff to the social media site. Some users have already started experiencing the new look of Facebook while others will get it in the next few weeks.

The new content will be available for iPhone and iPad users in the upcoming weeks while Android users will get to access it soon after that.


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