Facebook Sports Stadium, new sports platform launched


The world’s largest social networking giant, Facebook Inc. is handling the sports arena with an all new platform that is called Facebook Sports Stadium. This new platform is a social media site that will give real time updates on sports, statistics, popular posts from the fans, and commentary from experts.

Facebook has over 650 million sports fans as its users and it is the largest sports stadium in the world. This was mentioned in a post that Facebook made while announcing the Facebook Sports Stadium on Wednesday.

The social network stated that it had around 1.01 billion active users per day on an average till September last year, while it released its fourth quarter earnings earlier this week.

The new Facebook Sports Stadium service seems to be an effort to influence the territory of the micro-blogging platform Twitter. Twitter has been the popular destination for sports updates as people were posting live tweets of the updates.

XenoPsi is a marketing firm based in New York City. The company’s President, Michael Aaron Flicker stated that the new product is the attempt of Facebook taken to capture in the moment engagement.

Flicker stated that they do not have that specific piece of that puzzle. The major challenge for the social networking firm Facebook is that they are already having a lot of communities such as Facebook Sports Stadium. It is not a very unique offering of the firm.

The new platform meant for sports that has been announced by Facebook covers only the football tournaments of America. It will also include the Super Bowl tournaments starting on February 7. In the future, the Facebook Sports Stadium platform will support other sports such as soccer and basketball, stated the company. As of now, the new service can be accessed by searching for the specific game individually.






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