Facewash app to clean up Facebook profile


Jan 27, 2013: Want to clean up embarrassing pages or vulgar posts from your Facebook profile then try Facewash App. Researchers from Kent State University has developed a new application called Facewash which will help the users to exactly do the same. The Facebook users can use Facewash to search through pages and identify the content which is vulgar or embarrassing and once it identified, users can hide or delete the same.

The App identifies the content from comments posted, photo captions and status updates. This application has been created by Gur, Camden Fullmer and David Steinberg in two days during hackathon which was conducted at the University of Pennsylvania. Facewash App which is still in its beta stage has already got nearly 20,000 unique visitors since its launch. Check out Facewa.sh to get more details on how to get a Facewash for your Facebook profile.


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