Flipkart’s New Digital Ad Campaign Pays Tribute to Relationships


Flipkart, the leading e-commerce retailer in India has launched a digital campaign to emphasize special relationships and experiences that have managed to shape people’s choices. The #FlipkartThanksYou campaign conceptualized by Webchutney was released online earlier this week. This digital campaign is a four film one and it highlights the roles played by fathers, mothers, uncles and siblings in everyone’s lives as far as gifting or buying things is concerned.

Talking of the film titled ‘father’, it shows how fathers learnt to value things and relations. It shows dads generously gifting and also bargaining hard while making purchases. Whatever it is, they manage to purchase all that they like to buy for your family members. This ad features a voiceover ‘The best value for your valuable wishes’.

The second one is the film titled ‘abroadwale uncle’, and it shows the same gifting and buying that foreign return uncles do to their relatives. The ad shows how gifts that relatives send make one popular among his friends. The voiceover at the end of this ad says, ‘The latest and international collection for all your wishes’.

The next one is titled ‘sibling’, and it beautifully shows the relationship between siblings. It shows how the siblings learn the latest trend from their elder sister or brother. This lovely ad film bears the voiceover ‘The latest trends for all your wishes’.

Like the ‘father’ film, the ‘mother’ ad film also shows how mothers know what their family members, especially children want from them. It features how mothers understand their choices, and turning a dinner into a grant buffet. This film has the voiceover ‘The widest range for all your wishes’.

Regarding these four new ad films under the newly launched digital campaign, Flipkart’s Senior Director of Marketing, Shoumyan Biswas claimed that the firm is growing up, and everyone has learnt the valuable lessons of life from their closest relationships. The retailer has come up with the campaign to celebrate its brand. He added that the campaign covers all the relations and blends them into several aspects of the business that has made Flipkart a great brand.

#FlipkartThanksYou campaign

[youtube height=”HEIGHT” width=”WIDTH”]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_XUDGrk2B3A&list=PLNrODmzoJwwp9hcZFv_6k_WQnOOceHpJp[/youtube]






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