Flytxt launches mobile ad market place ‘mADmart’


Feb 20, 2013: mADmart which is a unique full service mobile ad market place will enable the mobile operators to get consumer insights and direct touch points that will help them to monetise the same.

This new service from Flytxt will enable the mobile operators to unlock new revenue streams and help the brands and ad agencies to engage the potential customers through mobile. According to Mr. Vinod Vasudevan, CEO, Flytxt, “mADmart, would enable operators unlock new revenue stream by offering consumer insights and multi-channel engagement opportunities for brands.

How ‘mADmart’ works is that, this application will leverage the data available with operators and create profiles of users based on different categories. The advertisers can then run their campaigns in these segments and according to Mr. Vinod, the conversions would nearly be 2 to 50 times higher than the carpet bombing campaigns.

The biggest advantage of this market place is that ad campaigns would be run in a push and interactive mode and the mobile subscribers would be getting only relevant ads and information about brands on their mobile handsets. ‘mADmart’ will help in extending the consumer reach of brands and as well as precise customer segmentation.


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