FMCG firms cut calorie count for health-conscious buyers


As the Indian consumers have become highly health conscious, the food giants have started limiting the portion sizes. This is an attempt to reduce the number of calories that they take serve to such consumers.

Adhering to a global policy of Unilever, the Indian unit HUL has reduced the calories in its ice-creams. The company wants to make sure that at least 80 percent of the packaged ice-creams that it sells do not have over 250 kilo calories in each portion.

From the next week, the beverage giant PepsiCo will roll out its colas in new 150 ml cans that will be the smallest in the market. Its rival Coca-Cola will launch 180 ml cans of its beverages next month alongside the 300 ml cans.

Indians are more vulnerable to diseases caused due to sedentary lifestyles as well as unhealthy diets. Diabetes is one such disease that is likely to affect around 79.4 million people in the country in 2030. This figure is twice the number of diabetic patients in the year 2000. This is revealed by the data from the website of World Health Organization.

Ferrero, the Italian chocolate maker is also selling its trademark premium Ferrero Rocher gold round shaped brand in packs of three. Some restaurant chains are also following the same line. Dunkin’ Donuts India’s COO, Dev Amritesh stated that they have many options at several price points as well as portion sizes.

Tempered indulgence and portion control are gaining momentum. The top retailers stated that the limited size packs are getting popular. Consumers are choosing the smaller portions, and the brands are adhering to the same so that they suit portion control that is carried out by mainstream consumers, stated group president at Future Group’s food and FMCG segment. In the last year, the sales of diet and sugar-free beverages have increased on a small base than in the previous year.





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