FMCG major Dabur to launch new products to counter Patanjali


Dabur, the homegrown FMCG company is preparing a strategy to surpass Patanjali of Baba Ramdev that has disrupted the Ayurveda and naturals market in the country with its slew of consumer products. Initially, the FMCG major HUL (Hindustan Unilever) showed aggression in this category by revitalizing Ayush, its old Ayurveda brand and acquiring new brands in December 2015. Now, Dabur is involved in the process of modernizing its own Ayurveda product portfolio. It is also launching new products in the market.

The Burman family led FMCG company that has recorded sales of Rs 7,800 crore will boost its range of women healthcare products. Then, it will launch products in the health and baby care market segments that includes Chyawanprash, the best seller contributing to 40 percent of the overall sales of Dabur. The company is expecting this to rise in the future.

Ramarao Dhamija, the Head of Mother and Child Care category at Dabur India stated that they will introduce their traditional post natal Ayurvedic health tonic called Dashmularishta and another tonic called Ashokarishta to relieve menstrual pain in fruit flavors. He stated that this will bridge the gap that exists between health and taste. They are in plan to launch these products in modern formats so that Ayurvedic remedies are relevant to the current generation modern day customers.

Patanjali products include everything from noodles to toothpaste and these cost just half of the price of their rival products. This way, the Patanjali products are attracting the urban Indian consumers who are seeking healthier options. Notably, some products of Patanjali are good and there is a wide acceptance for these products even among the wealthy households despite their affordable price.

Due to the competition that was set by Patanjali, HUL has also sniffed an opportunity and it has sneaked into the Ayurveda and naturals market space.




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