Food Bazaar focusing on ‘underbranded’ food and home care products

food bazaar

Food Bazaar is targeting food and home care product segments, which are mostly under-served by private companies. There are many products like Noodles, Sauces, Ketchup as well as toilet cleaners, where consumers have limited options, mostly 2 or 3 brands to go for. There is a significant play for organized brands to play in these segments. Only few products like Soap has got more than 100 brands to choose from.

Food Consumer Enterprises (FCEL) is investing in creating private labels for many of these product lines such as ‘Cleanmate’ toilet cleaner, ‘Tasty Treat’ beverages and  ‘Caremate’ aluminium foils. Caremate has a  market leadership in aluminim foil category with close to 40% market share, where as Cleanmate is again a close number 2 in its category. The company is planning to make ‘Tasty Treat’ too a national brand focusing on distribution across all its outlets. The recent launch of Tik Tok salted biscuits and a partnership with Disney to have sweet crackers with alphabetic and numeric fun element added are also part of its strategies to increase its share across India.

Besides this, Food Bazaar has also lined up brands in segments like cow ghee and also in the ‘community tastes’ segment. Again this is a segment where established brands do not have a play. ‘Ektaa Kasundi’, a mustard sauce popular in East and jaggery from Kolhapur, popular in Maharastra are some of the examples of these regional products.


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