For India, From India – The Campaign Gains Pace


India, a country with 28 states and 7 union territories is a storehouse of well-made and good quality products. Only, the residents of India are a little apprehensive when it comes to purchasing their ‘home’ made products. When people outside India have high regard for Indian products and ask specifically for ‘Made in India’ products, we do not seem to care a penny for them.

However, the producers of a variety of materials in India are trying to voice out a difference by making products in India, only for the Indian market. Lately, there has been a turn of events, and there are consumers who ask specifically for Indian made products. Even though, the producers are not prepared to offer a wide variety of products, we have different kinds of products that belong to this genre. When Honda motorcycles introduced its Dream Yuga, it did not get much encouragement. But now, it has caught up in the market and sales have gone high up that the company has beat its near competitor to win its 2nd position for largest two-wheeler manufacturing. It is even more great news when we hear that Jaguar, the internationally reputed car manufacturers are planning to introduce a sports car by 2013, made in India and only for the Indian market. Hyundai has taken special care to cater to the needs of their Indian customers.

Gadgets like phones and others have also been introduced into the market with the same slogan. The social media play an important role in promoting such products. The market value of any product increases rapidly once a celebrity starts to advertise for the products and the case is not different in this scenario, as well. Sony has lately introduced a drive taking into consideration the dust problems that concern the Indian users with their drives. The model Sony AD-7220S-ID is specifically introduced for the Indian market to meet this need.

It is not just with gadgets and other expensive things, thanks to campaigns that proclaim the beauty and benefit of Indian products, cosmetics, fashion industry etc have all started flourishing with ‘Made in India’ products. This has also made international brands have their Indian version of the product to be sold to the millions of customers waiting for them in India. Recently, Disney collaborating with the Mumbai Indians IPL cricket team is just an example of this very welcome change.


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