Frooti still Fresh N Juicy


Frooti says “Hello” even to the oldest member of the family who refuses to grow up. The fun of having mango and associating a brand with it certainly brings in the name ‘Frooti’ with it. A flagship product of Parle Agro, the drink has undergone a series of changes from its good old days to the present day.

From tetrapak to PET bottles, the journey has been long for the brand and the brand has maintained its leadership in the category all throughout its journey. The brand as a product had remained the same for the past two decades but the brand evolved continuously in terms of look, target, and positioning. The brand is known for maintaining its identity both in terms of innovation and volume.

The brand has undergone a series of repositioning over the years from pretty girls sipping Frooti on TV screens to Why Grow Up campaign. Who can forget the tag line of the brand Mango Frooti-Fresh and Juicy? The company has used various taglines like ‘Frooti- Just like that’ to Fresh N juicy! What a beauty! Mango Frooti! And “Juice up your life”.

The company is now targeting youth and presenting the brand to be trendy and contemporary. When Frooti was first launched in a tetrapak, the first of its kind in India and the catchy tagline made it an unparalleled drink in India. The primary reasons for the brand maintaining leadership in the category could be stated back to the brand being true to its essence “Fresh and Juciy”.  The brand restructures its marketing strategy continuously and it realized it’s time to expand its market and target “young consumers”.

The new strategy of the brand is focused on creating a trendy and modern atmosphere. The OOH formula of frooti was recognized even in the Cannes festival and a TV showed evolved called ‘Mango Slam Bam Bam Bam’.

Even though the brand has positioned itself strongly in the market, there are a number of challenges that the brand will encounter. The brand, however, is unfazed by the competition from other players like Maaza and Slice. Whatever comes in the way, Frooti is always committed to be ‘Fresh N juicy’






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