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Outsourcing is all about understanding your clients and delivering the expected value through all possible touch points and there is no exception for MPO too; but are they immune in a world conquered by BPO?

I believe that you would want me to shed some light on MPO. Marketing Process Outsourcing in simple words means providing end-to-end marketing solutions for firms. It takes care of all marketing functions of a firm, in other case would have been given to different agencies. MPO as new concept is a relief to many marketing heads. They are relived from troublesome process of hiring multiple agencies to get their job done.

Marketing as a process do not have an end. As long as world exist, business too will exist and so does marketing….so popularity of MPO will only increase. It seems even in its infancy stage, MPO is grabbing the attention of international players. This is evident from the reports that India’ first MPO, CMO Axis has started their operations in US and Middle East owing to demand from foreign clients. Since its inception in 2008,  CMO Axis have added 25 clients to their list, out of which 4 are from abroad.

Again more evidence comes from the capital city of India, New Delhi, reporting new start ups in the field; clear cut reflection of MPO’s prosperous future. It seems like MPO has been quite successful in grabbing attention of young entrepreneurs. There is also an increasing trend among companies in adopting MPO over individual marketing agencies as they are availed with all services right from research to PR under one umbrella.

As MPO is a relatively new concept, there is no statistical evidence to prove that the sector is growing but indeed MPOs are doing a good job. MPOs largely concentrate on small medium business unlike the BPOs whose clients are large offshore clients, and that is theirs advantage as SMEs are expected to grow at 20% for next few years and a sector that contributes about 45% to industrial outputs and 40% to exports of the country. Smart move!!! So I think MPOs are in right track to be the next big thing in the outsourcing world dominated by BPOs.


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