Global brand footprint is different to that of India: Kantar Research

brand footprint

June 28, 2014:: The market research company Kantar has released the list of top 10 FMCG globalbrands which included Coca-Cola, Maggi, Nescafe, Colgate, Lifebuoy, Lays, Pepsi and so on. This study was done in 35 countries covering more than 950 million households over  a period of 7 months. It is popularly called Brand Footprint and being used by most of the brands to understand the consumption patterns and brand affinity of global households.


However all these top 10 global brands doesnt make it to top 10 in India with the exception being only Colgate, Maggi, Lux and Lifebuoy.  If you can look at top 10 FMCG brands, you can definitely see some Indian desi brands enjoying the top fray like Parle, Tata, Ghadi and Britannia. Though Wheel and Clinic Plus are top among the top 10 global brands, they do have a major presence in India market. Clinic Plus enjoy second rank as far as consumer reach points and penetration is concerned and is just behind Colgate. Though Wheel has slipped in its ranking still it is one of the major brands for HUL along with Clinic Plus. The desi brands like Britannia and Parle have been focusing more on rural markets to increase their penetration.

It is interesting to note that some brands have done well in both global and regional rankings. Colgate has been the star performer and also a consistent player who has kept its brand intact over the years.


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