Global Burger Chains to Enter Indian Fast Food Market


Burgers are gradually becoming the hot favorite of fast food consumers, though it started off slowly in the country. With the increase in this trend, five popular burger chains across the world including Burger King, Fatburger, Johnny Rockets and Wendy’s have publicized their entry into the Indian fast food market.

It is claimed that burgers are a convenient form of fast food as they can be quickly ordered and consumed on the go. The American burger restaurant chain Carl’s Jr will be launching its debut operations with 100 outlets across major cities such asDelhi, Mumbai, Pune,Chandigarh, Ahmedabad andLudhianaand will increase to 1000 restaurants. Also, Wendy’s that is the third largest hamburger chain in US that also plants to make its India debut in the first quarter of next year.

Claimed to be a better burger chain with a pricing of Rs 300 per burger, Johnny Rockets has already started its operations inDelhiwith the next set up to happen in Mumbai. Burger King that managed to create a buzz in the Japanese market last week with the all-black burger will arrive inDelhiand Mumbai by the end of this year. This burger chain will also open outlets in other cities such asSuratand Ahmedabad in January 2015.

Going by the market research firm Crisil, the fast food marker in India is all set to double in size growing from Rs 3,500 crore in 2012 to a massive Rs 7,000 crore 2016. And, it is claimed that there is room for everyone in the market to grow. Moreover, almost 75 percent of the burgers sold inIndiaare vegetarian as most Indians prefer such burgers and like spicy flavors.

While there are concerns surrounding the health issues claiming burgers are unhealthy are gradually fading away as they need not always be made using cheddar or flash-frozen patties. There are restaurants such as Depot 29, a Delhi-based restaurant that provide grilled patties and multigrain buns. Of course, burger is not the king of fast food, but it is becoming the favorite for many fast food lovers.



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