Global coffee chain Barista offers a digital takeaway ordering and payment service with DotPe- Case Study


The O2O commerce and fintech startup DotPe’s “Scan-Order-Pay” feature deployed by Barista will help customers to make orders and payments through mobile phones ensuring social distance.

The global chain of espresso bars Barista has deployed Gurgaon based O2O commerce and fintech platform Dotpe’s “Scan-Order-Pay” feature for different outlets in Gurgaon. The new feature will help in the implementation of social distancing which has become the new norm, by allowing its customers to place their orders and make payments using their phones.

How does the new feature work?

According to the company, with the new feature customers can simply scan a QR code placed outside the takeaway window and the entire menu of Barista will pop up on the user’s mobile phone browser. An order can be placed by the customers by adding items on the digital menu and payments can be made by using regular online payment methods. Barista then pings the order details to the customers on their WhatsApp number, once their order is ready and they can pick the order from the take away counter with no human interaction.

“Given social distancing will be a way of life even after the lockdown is lifted, now is the time to restore confidence among the customers who want to order their coffees, essentials, and delicacies but are worried about safety. The uniqueness of our platform is that end customers don’t have the hassles of downloading any app and can start ordering by simply scanning the QR code, placed outside Barista, once. The commerce and payments happen on the user’s mobile browser while the post-transaction communication, customer invoicing, feedback, etc. shifts to WhatsApp. i.e. Barista can directly interact and engage with its customer on WhatsApp, once the customer has placed the order and paid successfully through DotPe”, says, Shailaz Nag, Founder, DotPe.

The future of contactless deliveries

The espresso bars chain Barista has said that, it has seen 15-20 percent of takeaway order volume contributed through the new feature. Barista has also said that the new commerce and payments stack by DotPe has helped the coffee chain to build its own digital channel. The contactless platform is also being used by many prominent food chains in India like Haldiram’s , Social, Smoke House Delhi, Cafe Delhi Heights, and Beer café. Earlier Reliance had also launched JioMart, an offline-to-online retail business platform, where customers can place orders online but purchase and take away products offline, adhering to the new normal of lifestyle created due to the pandemic. Barista has also planned on starting home delivery and contactless dining services through DotPe, once the situation normalizes. Although more and more companies are utilizing the contactless platforms, it is yet to be seen how consumers will behave to the new features once the crises stabilize.


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