Godrej Consumer Products launches HIT Anti Roach Gel


March 18, 2013: Godrej Consumer Products has always been a well accepted name in the insecticide market and they have made their presence felt in the market with their products like GoodKnight and HIT. HIT brand is one the market leaders which is extensively used by people to check Cockroach infestation. It is said that a common problem which 80 per cent of Indian households face is Cockroach infestation and only 15 per cent do something about it. Majority don’t do anything on this because they the number of visible cockroaches would be less but there would be more cockroaches which would be hidden.

Godrej has come out with a unique product to address the issue of managing cockroach infestation and it is not only targeted at cockroaches which could be seen but also which are hidden. They have launched a new and innovative product HIT Anti Roach Gel which helps in complete elimination of cockroaches with less effort. The challenges with already existing products in the market is that those products are ideal for cockroaches which can be seen, but what happens when they are used is that those cockroaches which can be seen are eliminated but those cannot be seen survive and thereby full elimination does not take place.

How HIT Anti Roach Gel works is that once the gel is used in a particular place, it lures the cockroaches because of the attractants and then they get infected. These cockroaches when come in contact with other cockroaches this infection spreads and killing both the donor and the carrier. This results in complete cockroach elimination. After launching the product, the biggest challenge the company faced was communicating about this product since this product is new and the benefits had to be highlighted.

The new campaign for HIT Anti Roach Gel which has the tagline ‘Cockroach aayenge, khayenge aur jadd se marr jayenge’ has been conceptualised by LOWE Lintas. This new campaign tries to educate the people about this unique product and how cockroaches can be completely eliminated.

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