GoGreen BOV launches four new electric scooters in market


May 23, 2014: GoGreen BOV, an automobile firm based in Bangalore announced the launch of four new electric scooters in the Indian market. The company claims that its range of scooters has a range of 60 to 120 km in one charge and since it’s an electric scooter one does not need to register the vehicle. One does not need a driving license even to drive these scooters.

Dhivik Reddy, CEO, GoGreen BOV was quoted as saying ‘When we started 4 years back, there used to be virtually no market for electric bikes in India. A lot of players in the industry could not sustain themselves mainly because their product was not made for Indian conditions and mindset. We were able to gain a foothold in the market by designing India’s first e-bike with a range of 120 Kms per charge. Since inception we have sold over about 14000 vehicles.”

The four new models which GoGreen BOV will be selling have been named as Kohra, Kimaya, Kavach and Sunnoti. With the Kohra model, GoGreen BOV is trying to target the school going children and Kimaya is targeted at the fairer sex. Kimaya costs Rs.38,000 and has a range of 60 km. Kavach from GoGreen BOV boasts of a range of 120 km which is the highest for any electric scooter in India and is priced at Rs.53,000. Sunnoti is being positioned as a multi purpose vehicle by GoGreen BOV and will be available in two variants with differential pricing i.e. 60 kms is priced at Rs.44,000 and 120 km at Rs.53,000.


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