Google Ads or Facebook Ads- Which is more effective?


Well, that is a billion dollar question!!!!Google or Facebook Ads which one works better? answer this question, it really needs some thought process.

Advertising on social media has been gaining traction among the business recently. Most of the marketers go for either google ad or facebook ads or sometimes both. But measuring as which one is more effective is a difficult task.

In real sense advertisement through google and facebook is equally important and largely depend on the target audience. Google ad will increase the visibility of the advertisements as it will be visible in multiple sites whereas facebook ads will help the marketers to engage their customers in the ad.

In the opinion of experts, Google ad is the result of some search of the user. It is ”pull marketing” , which means the users are searching very actively for some products or services online and the marketers have just to be presented before them in form of ads on the search page. A Google ad pulls in the customer to buy the product. Even though the expense is somewhat higher, the conversion that google ads offer is high.

Facebook ads help the marketers in branding their products. It can be referred to as “push marketing” strategy where the marketers plush their products to the users. Facebook ads will benefit the marketers when their target base is wide. Through facebook ads the marketers can target from school to student group and from working to retired.

A Google ad provides the opportunity to target specifically by displaying the ads in the sites where there is relation with products. For example, a sports wear brand will advertise their products in a sports website. So it’s likely that a customer who is keen in sports event will see the ad and may purchase the product.

Using a combination of both Google and facebook ads can work for the marketers better but also it will require more budget.

Both the strategies have advantages and disadvantages. So it’s wise to choose between ads depending on the goal of the campaign and the target audience.



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