Google hopes to put ads on refrigerators, cars, thermostats, glasses and watches in future


May 23, 2014: A scene straight from a sci fi movie. You are getting ready for the office and opening your refrigerator. As you open an ad gets displayed on it and now when you start driving your car you are exposed to another one. What next, when you stare at your watch to look at what’s the time and there you have another advertisement. But now what appears to be a science fiction is all set to become a reality with Google hoping to put ads on refrigerators, thermostats, glasses, watches and many more devices. In this era of digital marketing and wired devices Google is hoping to put ads beyond desktops and cellphones since the company expects the people to use more Google services and products in the future.

In a letter which became public on Tuesday, Google had written to Securities and Exchange Commission in December about its plans to advertise in new spaces and following customers between experiences through its ads. Google hopes to offer its advertisers a new feature called “Enhanced Campaigns”. Enhanced Campaigns will allow Google to advertise at people across several kinds of devices and experiences including cars and thermostats.

In the letter it was mentioned by Google that “Enhanced Campaigns allows our advertisers to write one ad campaign, which we serve dynamically to the right user at the right time on whatever device makes the most sense,”Regarding the revenue from these ads Google wrote to SEC that “Because users will increasingly view ads and make purchase decisions on and across multiple devices, our view of revenue is similarly device-agnostic.”

Google has been on an acquiring spree and had recently acquired a lot of tech companies and have been carrying out ambitious experiments with products like Google Glasses and driverless cars. What looks straight from a sci fi movie will now be a possibility in the future if we go by what is disclosed in the letter but are these digital ads going to be too intrusive that the customer really gets bugged off is what is to be seen if it becomes a reality.

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