Google launches Hindi ads on its display network


In a move which will allow online advertisers to reach out to 500 million strong Hindi speaking population across the world, online search giant Google has announced the launch of Hindi ads on its display network. With Google AdWords extending to Hindi, advertisers will now be able to build specific campaigns so as to reach out to the Hindi speaking population through Hindi language sites. The ads could be displayed using image, text, video display ad formats and rich media.

Quoting a statement from Google, “Starting today, marketers will be able to advertise to India’s booming online population in the most widely spoken local language – Hindi.” The online search giant which virtually monopolises the internet market through its Google AdWords program added that the move is part of Google’s effort to stimulate the growth of Indian languages and extend support to more languages around the world

Google Head Partner Business Solutions – India and Southeast Asia Dushyant Khare on the launch of Hindi AdWords was quoted as saying, “We hope that this launch will give a boost to the growth of Hindi web and will encourage the creation of a whole new wave of online Hindi content that will not only be useful to the burgeoning Hindi Internet audience, but also make it easy for advertisers to market to this very important consumer base.”

This development comes close on the heels of an initiative launched by Google which announced its commitment to promote the growth of Indian Language Content Online through the launch of Indian Language Internet Alliance

The new Google AdWord service in Hindi is sure to make the reach of lot of brands to the Hindi speaking population easy and would bring in a lot of revenues for Google as well. Google has an ambitious plan of making 300 million Indian language speakers to become highly engaged Internet users by 2017 and this new initiative is surely going to give a shot in the arm of the online search giant.


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