Google working on a 5.9 inch smartphone “Shamu”: Reports


July 23, 2014: In the backdrop of rumors suggesting that Google will axe the Nexus brand in favour of a new Android Silver program and Google denying that another report going in rounds is that Google is said to be working on a 5.9 inch smartphone with Motorola. The phablet which Google is reportedly working with Motorola is said to be called “Shamu” internally though it is unconfirmed if its original name would be the same.

The phablet which is one inch less than the mini tablets like Google Nexus 6 and Samsung Galaxy Mega which comes in 5.8 in and 6.3 inch is said to have advance features like fingerprint sensor. This information of Google working on “Shamu” was reported first by Android Police.

The report came out in the media after an unnamed source reportedly shared this information with Android Police. The rumours went strong after an unnamed person sent a screenshot from Google’s issue tracker to the android blog for developers showing a clear reference to the device.
The issue is basically referring  to a bug in Android L which is  Google’s upcoming version of Android that debuted at Google I/O. Since Android L only works with Google’s Nexus devices the media has gone frenzy about the new smartphone launch from Google.


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