Government of India plans Rs. 100 Cr brand makeover – What can we make out of it?!


There’s a new client in town for a brand makeover – and this time it’s the Government of India! What’s compelled them to make such a move? The ongoing hungama around the recent decisions of hiking the diesel prices coupled with the FDI ruling on the retail sector. So that’s  one lesson for any marketing student on what propels the need for a brand makeover – either you revive a dying brand or you need to diver attention of people from something else to your positive side!

This time, the government is taking all possible media routes for the makeover. This includes the likes of print media, TV, radio and the Social Media! So that’s the second lesson out of this move. Reach out to your target audience through all possible means provided you have the budget! This works well for the government as their target audience is the whole country, all naturally all channels need to be mobilized! And speaking of the budget, the UPA government has sanctioned a whopping Rs. 100 Crore for the entire campaign, and what better campaign to choose – it is fittingly called Bharat Nirman.

Another insight from this campaign is that communicate to your audience in a way they would understand and appreciate. So the government has tied up with various local stars to address region wise communication requirements.  Sources say that singer Kailas Kher has been roped in as one of the ambassadors. A good choice as he certainly reflects a level of Indianism in him – something that will appeal well to the audience. We wonder if Big B will also be a part of this campaign.

PM Manmohan Singh has ordered a very aggressive campaign, but we wonder whether he potrays any level of aggressiveness. The last insight from this campaign is that your brand strategy should reflect the face of your brand. Think Vijay Mallaya and the King of Good time – I’m sure you got that one by now.

It would be interesting to follow this campaign closely to see and draw more insights !


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