GS Caltex India launches the 2nd edition of #GaadiKeDoctor campaign to honor the Mechanics on its 13th Anniversary


National, February 02, 2023: GS Caltex India, one of the leading premium lubricant manufacturers in the country, today launches the 2nd edition of #GaadiKeDoctor, a digital campaign to celebrate the unsung heroes- “Mechanics” on its 13th Anniversary. The brand known for its premium lubricants for superior performance in the automotive and industrial segment, celebrates 02nd February as ‘National Mechanic’s Day’ and has come back with their 2nd edition of #GaadiKeDoctor.

The campaign #GaadiKeDoctor highlights GS Caltex India’s 13th anniversary, the company dedicates 2nd Feb day to the mechanics of the country and honors them for playing a pivotal role in keeping the vehicles roadworthy and safe for driving. 

The campaign film opening sequence features Ganesh, a mechanic, getting family photos taken wearing his new mechanic outfit with Sunita (his wife) & Rinki (daughter). When Rinki sees her schoolteacher and her husband (doctor) driving into the garage where Ganesh works, she turns around and hides. The teacher and her husband refer to the mechanics as “GaadiKeDoctors” and thank Ganesh for his assistance in making their car run smoothly. The teacher continues by highlighting the value and importance of mechanics in nation building and pointing out that, mechanics play an essential part in our life without them, all transportation would come to a grinding halt. At this point, Rinki rushes in to give her father a heartfelt hug while praising the efforts of him to maintain the vehicles running properly for the customers. To celebrate “National Mechanics Day,” the teacher brings out a cake and balloons with Ganesh Mechanic.

The campaign is a testimony of how Mechanics play an extremely pivotal role in enhancing the driving experience and ensuring vehicles smooth functioning and how mechanics play a huge role in contributing to the value chain in India when it comes to the auto sector. The campaign revolves around the importance of mechanics, how they impact our lives, and livelihood and their contribution in our day-to-day lives. 

Even during the pandemic when it seemed like the world came to a halt, it was vehicles that kept it moving and whenever the vehicle stalls, the answer to resolving all vehicle problems is the mechanic. From doing all that we ask them to do, and then doing some more, they have always been there for us. 

Speaking about the campaign, K Madhu Mohan, General Manager – Marketing, GS Caltex India said “We are proud to launch the second edition of #GaadiKeDoctor. The previous edition last year was a huge success and this year we are making it much bigger and grander than before with activations on-ground , social media and radio platforms to spread awareness about Mechanics. The campaign circles around spreading the message of how important it is to thank and acknowledge the efforts of the mechanics in our daily lives. For us, Mechanic’s Day is more than a celebration or a campaign. It’s the recognition that mechanics deserve, and GS Caltex is proud to be the pioneer of this movement.”


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