Harsha Hinduja celebrates the Golden Jubilee of the Indian Bonsai Society

Harsha Hinduja
Harsha Hinduja celebrates the Golden Jubilee of the Indian Bonsai Society

India, 28 November, 2022: Ms. Harsha Hinduja, the President of the India Bonsai Friendship Society (IFBS), wife of business tycoon Mr. Ashok Hinduja and Trustee, Hinduja Foundation, celebrated the golden jubilee of the Indian Bonsai Society at the C K Nayudu Banquet Hall, Cricket Club of India. The chief guests, presidents, and members of the other clubs from Mumbai, as well as the members of The Indian Bonsai Society and their families, were welcomed by Mrs. Madhuri Seksaria, president of The Indian Bonsai Society. The presidents of the many bonsai clubs in Mumbai, former and present club members, their families, and everyone else who has been engaged with the organisation for a long period attended the Golden Jubilee Celebration.

Commenting on the joyous occasion, Ms. Harsha Hinduja said, “It fills me with great pride to be a member of a society that promotes gardening and connecting to Mother Earth in a creative manner. The club has ‘flourished’ since its day of inception and has helped people learn the true essence of life. The beauty lies in giving life to each and every bonsai and I cannot wait to see the club grow in the future.” 

Established in 1972, the Indian Bonsai Society is both the oldest and most well-known bonsai club in India as well as on a global scale. The club supports bonsai culture by offering educational and training opportunities. The club has hosted a number of noteworthy gatherings, conferences, exhibitions, and bonsai masters’ demonstrations during the past 50 years. Many of the organization’s members gave bonsai demonstrations at both the national and international levels, and the club frequently represented India in conventions across the world.

The Indian Bonsai Society felicitated the guests, former and existing members with a Golden Jubilee Memento.


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