Here is how Online Casinos Leverage AI


Artificial intelligence (AI) is making it much easier to predict outcomes and behavior, and online casinos are starting to take advantage of this. AI is helping casinos and betting sites manage their operations more efficiently by launching fraud checks, tackling problem gamblers and ensuring they don’t fall victim to online fraud. Here we take a closer look at how online casinos are using AI to their advantage.

Checking for fraud
One of the undoubted benefits of AI is that it helps online casinos monitor new accounts for potential fraud. AI software can monitor, record and report on patterns of behavior that are considered potentially fraudulent. The AI software models potentially fraudulent credit and debit card transactions and compares them with real-time transactions on the website. If the behavior of a transaction resembles an AI fraud pattern, it flags and checks it, allowing fraud to be prevented before it happens. Companies like Bet365 have been pioneers in using this technology and now it has become commonplace.

Identifying problem gamblers
Every casino in the world is exposed to problem gamblers who try to exploit the system and gamble. It’s almost impossible to avoid cheating, but artificial intelligence can help online casinos identify those who try. In the online world, AI software has been developed that collects data from players’ accounts and tracks this data to identify the behavior of cheaters. When fraudulent accounts are identified, they are restricted or even closed, which can save the casino a lot of money in the long run.

Collecting player data
An important part of AI is the ability of online platforms to collect and use human data for their services. Casinos are no different in this respect. From the moment a player registers for an online account, casinos use AI to track their betting. AI also evaluates social networking sites to understand which offers are popular and which online services customers prefer. This strengthens the casino’s marketing strategy and allows them to gather important data to personalize and tailor offers, improve the customer experience and encourage people to spend more money on the games they like best

Supporting customers
Casinos are using AI not only for their own benefit, but also to help their customers. Many online casinos have installed live chatbots on their websites to facilitate communication between customers and the website. The chatbots are programmed with frequently asked questions to answer common questions from players. This is a useful support mechanism that allows customers to get quick and accurate answers to specific problems they may have on the website. It is designed to reduce waiting times and avoid the need to connect players to a customer support agent.

Overall, it is clear that casinos are using AI to their considerable advantage by developing technology systems that reduce challenging customer behaviour. AI also allows casinos to tailor their marketing to the needs and preferences of their customers, which, combined with improved customer service, is likely to have a positive impact on the profitability of the site as a whole.

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