Hiring Mystery Shoppers is the Latest Trend in E-commerce Industry


Cash-back and coupon providing websites are engaging scores of users, friends, employees and family as shoppers in order to keep a check on their partner websites. In order to be relevant to the customers, such websites bank on the human intervention and technology to the maximum extent. This will help them keep their websites updated in the real time wit appropriate and valid coupons. Also, their websites will be imperative as they derive their revenues from commissions on the transactions that are routed via them.

The mystery shoppers are provided cash to buy things on several websites in order to check the invoicing and the validity of the coupons on the partner websites. A plethora of coupons work for the app users, first time users or don’t’ work across the fashion segment. These faults cannot be monitored via tech upgradation and there has to be someone to test them as well, claimed the Founder and Chief Executive of Shoppirate, Kulpreet Kaur. The coupon site that is one year old employs a mystery shopper.

Based on the e-tailing firm, there will be up to 30 percent of the coupons that get issued turn ineffective as there is a restriction on the usage and period terms. Regarding this, Gaurav Pachauri, CEO of We-Mark Marketing that also provides its mystery shopper service to the e-tailers claimed that along with the e-commerce players, the focus of the firm is to test the user experience. It is claimed that only one e-tailer that the firm works with spends a considerable sum of money on the development of their graphic user interface.

Notably, WeMark works with the offline deal sourcing website Groupon. The executive further stated that with Groupon the firm works on how easy it is to source deals and the knowledge of the call-center personnel at Groupon to the behavior of the local business once a customer approaches them with the deal.





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