HLL Lifecare launches Moods ‘deo’ for men


Feb 16, 2013: HLL Lifecare Ltd. which is known for its contraceptive brand Moods has launched a ‘deo’ for men under the same brand. HLL Lifecare has launched Moods range of ‘deo’ for men. Moods deo will be introduced in four variants in the market which is estimated to be Rs.900 crore. The deodorant market in India is a highly competitive market with more than 350 brands vying for a share of the pie.

In the deodorant market, men’s deo occupies 75 per cent of the market rest being women’s deo. Men’s deodorant market is estimated to be about Rs.675 crores. The fragrance of Moods deo has been developed by renowned perfumers and has a tagline ‘The Scent of My Man’. The Moods deo brand for men comes with a unique promise of ‘Confidence in a can’.


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