Honda Questions 102.5 kmpl Fuel Economy of Hero Splendor iSmart


The Japan based auto maker Honda questioned its former Indian partner Hero’s claim that its latest Splendor iSmart bike can render a fuel economy of 102.5 km per litre. The firm has stated that such claims are quite deceptive and that it is far from the reality.

Hero MotoCorp, the Indian manufacturer replied to Honda stating that its fuel efficiency value has been certified by iCAT (InternationalCenterfor Automotive Technology) that is a government authorized agency. The firm has stated that challenging the test results is nothing but questioning the regulations and standards that are established by the Government of India and the country’s law.

Honda R&D Center India’s President and CEO Keiji Kasa claimed that the firm wants to say that such claims are deceptive and not realistic. As the base engine in question was developed by Honda, he added that they do understand its sensible assessment on capabilities and performance.

Furthermore, he added that the claimed mileage cannot be maintained even within a completely controlled environment. Last month, Hero claimed that iCAT had certified that its Splendor iSmart model will render a mileage of 102.50 kilometer per litre.

A spokesperson from Hero MotoCorp stated that through its in-house R&D facilities, the firm has been able to enhance its mileage by several technique such as upgrading and optimizing the engines, kerb weight of vehicle, adopting lean burn technology, automatic starting of engine using clutch and Idle Start Stop System that switches off the engine when idle. He added that these improvements by Hero will improve the mileage in a phenomenal way.

However, Honda seems to be unconvinced. Kasa stated that Idle Start Stop System has been introduced by the firm 15 years ago and the capability is claimed to enhance the fuel efficiency. But, the combination of the engine and this technology will not help in reaching the claimed mileage in the practical riding environment in the country. He also added that iCAT is a respected agency and that they abide in its assessment. He claimed that they believe that it is the vendor’s responsibility that the data filtered down to the customers is realistic in the everyday scenario.









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