How Aditya Birla Minacs drives customer service via social media?


In the field of business, customers are the king. Without them business is just indispensable. Marketing and promotion of products is done definitely to satisfy these customers. Their happiness is our accomplishment. Wondering what is this  philosophy all about? Well, it is quite simple actually. Let’s get deeper into one such organization that has been sustaining their CRM successfully over the years.

Aditya Vikram Birla, born into one of the largest family businesses of India was one of the Indian Industrialists to expand its business activity abroad. He is the chairman of $2.3-billion Birla Group of companies. Now let’s go through the activities of one of the subsidiaries of the Birla group, Aditya Birla Minacs.

“Minacs” is a technology and business outsourcing company. It is known to provide a lot of services in the field of banking, manufacturing, telecom, health care, marketing, media, entertainment and so goes the list. On August 8, 2012, Minacs had announced that they decided to take in Salesforce Radian6 as to boost up their Social Customer Service solutions: miKnowledge and miConversations. Cool right?

Salesforce Radian6 has indeed made use of social networks in getting their process running. It is one of the leading firms in the field of social listening media and engagement platform. It lends a helping hand to the clients of Minacs without putting a stain in their reputation through online. This basically includes listening and responding to conversations made on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, You Tube and lots more.

The basic objective of Minacs is simple. A large number of social conversations regarding brands, products and industries can be converted into vibrant engagements through which customer relationships can be enhanced thereby managing the brand reputation. Henceforth, the supporting costs are also reduced. All this is possible through Salesforce Radian6.

Rob Begg, VP of marketing, Salesforce Radian6, when asked, had to say this, “Customers are reaching out to brands on social networks and it’s imperative that your brand is there to engage with your online community”. It is evident that Minacs clearly understand the powerful capability that Radian6 has to provide to the companies, that is, the intelligence to understand the customer needs and likes and what influences their buying decisions.

As for the two social customer service solutions: miKnowledge and miConversations, there is miKnowledge with their approach of helping clients(Minacs clients) by identifying customer interactions and sentiments and also comparing their brand image with their competitors as it supports marketing insights and development of products.  And miConversations on the other hand, could help in tracking customer evangelists.

In a nutshell, Salesforce Radian6 will ultimately drive the customer relationship management effectively using social channels thus providing customer support. Let’s wait and watch for the success of this initiative from Minacs!




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