How creating video can be an effective Marketing Strategy amidst Covid-19


Most of the companies and organizations that were not using digital platforms for their marketing strategy are now forced to take that step. They had hesitated till now because studies are showing that more than 70% of the consumers have increased their digital content consumption since the coronavirus outbreak . Interestingly among all the types of contents, videos are the most popular. As lockdowns have forced people to stay at home and telcos such as Vodafone and Airtel giving more data offers, the video content consumption has increased.

Videos will conquer the world of contents.

It is being estimated that more than 80% of the content creation will be video based by 2022 and if the trend goes like this average person will watch around 2 hours of video content per day in the coming few months. Today, most of the summits by big organizations such as Oracle, IBM and Microsoft are conducted online as webinars. The event conducted by Microsoft named Microsoft’s Biz App Summit displayed how well an engaging video strategy can be made by using hours of video content.

Are videos really effective?

Even though people are longing for more video content and the amount of video content consumption is getting high, the real question is, whether video will be an effective marketing strategy as most think. Video campaigns were not always successful, according to some reports, more than 40% of media teams stopped their videos campaign in 2020. These may be because of lack of a clear-cut strategy and purpose.

How consumers are reacting to the video contents amid the pandemic?

Most of the brands are coming up with video campaigns mostly with suggestions and advices on keeping themselves safe, being healthy and so on. But consumers are complaining that these things they already know and the contents they find are very repetitive in nature. But some campaigns get overwhelming response from consumers such as in the case of Kellogg’s #PassTheBowl campaign which showed a fun way to communicate the message to the consumers. Therefore, it also becomes important on how one approaches its consumers with video contents.


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