How the future of Digital Marketing is being transformed by Artificial Intelligence


From professional messaging, search options, and Ads to being used in marketing and campaigns, machine learning and artificial intelligence are gaining more prominence in Digital Marketing.

Digital marketing relies on insights from the immense amount of data or cookies that gets created every time a consumer communicates with a digital asset. Digital marketing depends upon the Algorithms that optimise various factors and data points that influence its success.

In 2020, Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning are anticipated to have an increasingly significant increase in usage in digital marketing.

Search will get very smart in the years to come, online search has had several AI and machine learning developments over the last few years. Google is leading the race with exciting applications for information retrieval of consumers. Google’s BERT technology can process a word connecting the context of all the other terms in that particular sentence, rather than a one-by-one word in order. BERT also helps and enables a consumer to train their own state-of-the-art question answering system.

Customization of search results and the result page are based on searches and their learnings of the consumer’s past interactions and preferences of the consumer to another application of machine learning used in the search.

Several adtech companies have been increasingly using machine learning and AI to find the right customers to project better ads than marketers, and also to increase conversion rates of the ads and engagement with the target audience. There are also several developments in the area of Artificial intelligence creating dynamic ads for the consumers and landing pages to personalize marketing messages. AI has an application in content creation in terms of determining the logic of personalization as also curating content specific to an individual, using techniques such as natural language generation (NLG).

Many retailers are testing VR/AR and AI technologies together to make a personalized experience for the user as an individual. Other areas of impact include voice search. We will increasingly see ads about things similar to what we discussed about through a digital platform because of this, but which we haven’t searched for yet. Similarly, image searches are also being used by prominent brands for identifying the products needed for their customers.


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